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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Stonewell Farm 9am May 26th 2019

Every year I take numerous photos of our gardens here at Stonewell Farm.

But never have I taken a sequence of photos from a number of identical positions 

on a weekly basis, at the same time of day, over a full year.

I hope this will be as enlightening and enjoyable for you as I know it will be for me.

I will probably add some closeup photos of various plants and shrubs.

 Possibly some shots of other parts of the garden if they catch my eye.

But this series of 12 photos will always be first and foremost.

As you can see from the date I am already behind with posting.

 But I do have the photos from June 3rd which I will post on Saturday

 The blue spruce is a spectacular colour at this time of year.

I'll always remember, several years past a friend arriving with their young son who commented "Look Papa a blue tree"

 Spring came late to Stonewell Farm and the gardens are playing catchup. You will notice quite a change in the next series of photos.

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