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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Just pottering.

The thunderstorms forecast for yesterday evening never materialized. This morning is sunny and breezy, perfect for wandering around the garden.
Below are my bare essentials for pottering.

Felco make pruners for right and left handed gardeners. As you can see from the above photo I belong to the latter.
Smaller flowers can be pinched out between thumbnail and forefinger, but thicker stems, Peonies, Roses etc need a pair of pruners.

 I use my phone to photo plant combinations that work

 This hanging basket combination of Petunia and Fuschia already has appeal with the fuschia barely open. I think the full effect will be spectacular.

The field of poppies with the climbing rose. 

Ipomoea with Calibrachoa.

Roses with Baptisa

and those that don't, like these two.

I also use the memo app on my phone to make notes, such as the north side (right) of this planter is too shady for a Calibrachoa.

Or to simply record the four stages of the rose flower from bud through to maturity.

I find the rubber textured gloves give one a better grip when pulling weeds, and no person can be allowed in ones garden without a flamboyant hat.

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