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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Predation by grazers

I appreciate that a normal infestation of tent caterpillars will cause no long term harm to this mature Willow (back)

But our apple tree that has become biennial bearing in its old age, needs all the leaves it can muster to bring this heavy crop to maturity

Therefore I cut out all caterpillar tents, before any real damage is done.

The same goes for our Blackcurrant bushes,


Mulberry tree


 which also has to contend with grazing deer


and one of our Philadelphus.


Having collected all the nests I dispose of them with my flame weeder.

 Betula nigra
Cercis canadensis
Prunus cultivars
are other trees that are suseptable to tent caterpillars here at Stonewell Farm.

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