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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Stonewell Farm 9am June 3rd 2019

A week later and the golden Weigela (center) is starting to bloom, as is the blue Amsonia.

The Iris bloom is starting to wain and make way for the Peonies and Roses.

The blue Amsonia (left) hide the fading flowers of the Polygonatum.

These Iris flower later, due to the shade from the Philadelphus and Apple tree

Due to the cold spring we have combinations not usually seen. The Siberian Iris bloom is usually over before the Potentilla flowers.

The Allium have opened, The Peonies hardly. The identical plant placed in less favourable light can extend the flowering period considerably. 

This end of the driveway border is somewhat shaded by the Junipers causing the late flowering of creeping time to coincide with Miss Kim.

Here, the Allium are past, our second Miss Kim almost, and the Spirea (right) about to turn into a bouquet of white. The pink Rose between the wall and the variegated Willow is a beautiful combination.

Dart's Gold Ninebark (left} is now in flower, Diabolo (right) probably next week.

The golden Locust tree is a spectacular colour at this time of year.

The Chinese Fringe tree is in full bloom. if we are lucky, it may last a couple of weeks.

Not much change in this shot, I'll try and include some ducks next week.

I've included three shots from the front of our Lilac border and one shot of a particularly beautiful Clematis.


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