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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stonewell Farm 9am June 9th 2019

This year I mixed Garden Tone into the Hanging Basket and Planter medium, which I will replenish mid summer. Another 3 weeks and they will be properly filled out.

For now they are progressing nicely.

Most of the peonies are flowering along with the Salvia, Tradescantia and Geraniums.

A slightly different angle to show off Peony Raspberry swirl.
Here at Stonewell farm, despite the cold Spring, our fruit trees are full of fruit, as witnessed by the peach tree top left.

More Peonies, but this shot will truly pop when the Philadelphus by the utility pole blooms.

Thalictrum and Nepeta add to the pastel shades and Physocarpus 'Diabolo' is just starting to flower (right)

Peonies, Peonies, Peonies, we need scratch and smell digital photos.

Geraniums, Nepeta and Anthemis (white center) will soon dominate the sunny part of this border.

When all the flowering shrubs are done, the variegated Aralia will still brighten this corner.

This is predominately a Spring border. The dark wine Lilac (green) displays magnificently against the golden Physocarpus. but for now, the chocolate coloured Physocarpus is about to burst into bloom.

The Physocarpus behind the blue Spruce has been heavily grazed by deer and is unlikely to flower this year.

This week, I have stepped back to show the profusion of bracts on the Dogwood.

The ducks where reluctant to be photographed in this shot.

So I took the mountain to Mohamed.

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