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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Stonewell Farm 7am June 23rd 2019

The blue watering can is one, for watering the hanging baskets and two, to create a wonderful contrast with the sweet potato vine Ipomoea batatas when it eventually grows down to the wooden deck. At this time of year as the gardens transition from Spring to Summer, variegated, golden and silver leaves keep the eye focused. Even the tree trunks add contrast to the predominantly green palette.

Not only are the Salvia flowers still full of colour to contrast with the kniphofia pronounced Nip-hofia after the German botanist Johann Hieronymus Kniphof, but the recently flowered Fairy rose complements the mix.

More variegation and the expectant poppies that are flowering in some areas, and about to flower in other gardens.

Poppies, the true ephemeral flower.

The Philadelphus has finally flowered, unfortunately because of the odd Spring weather there are few flowers to greet it. Fortunately the bees are glad to see it, as am I.

The Echinops (front) are about to add to the Hippolyte, Thalictrum, Nepeta, Potentilla combination.

The Philadelphus will be cut back after flowering, but at this time of year it creates quite a shadow, which delays the roses in this area. Providing the shade is not too dense, most plants will still flower, just later, thereby extending the flowering season.

Poppies, Geranium, Anthemis and Nepeta add colour with the Miscanthus. While the Hemerocallis (foreground) is still to put up budded stems.

The variegated five leaf aralia I'll stick with the common name as the taxonomists seem to be in flux over its botanical name Eleutherococcus sieboldianus 'Variegatus' or Acanthopanax sieboldianus 'Variegatus'. Whatever the name, it thrives in the heavy shade of our crabapple, thereby brightening a dark corner.

Yes, I still have a few Buddleia, but I assiduously cut the flowers before they produce seed, which, in turn stimulates a second crop of flowers.

Last week I suggested this was a border that needed exploring to fully appreciate.

Hydrangea 'Annabelle' is about to flower in front of the already flowering Excelsior rose.

Which is the most enjoyable. The rising sun catching the tips of the western trees, or the setting sun, the eastern. I guess it depends on the quality of your day, or night.

The Spirea needs a heavy after flower pruning, it is taking over the garden.

I couldn't resist.

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