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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Frost free & Flowering

At this time of year, greenhouse space is always at a premium. The heated bench is full of germinating seed.

which overflow onto the potting bench.

While the rest of the greenhouse is full of tender perennials. Yes it would be simple to throw out last years pelargoniums and petunias etc and buy nursery or big store replacements, but by over wintering, I know my container plants will be free of chemicals which could be harmful to our bees and other pollinators.

Last year, we lost our lavenders due to poor placement, resulting in insufficient light. This year, I added an extra table which gave them more exposure.

Our bay tree has also recovered after an infestation of spider mites almost killed it.

Last fall, out of pure curiosity I planted three red buckeye seeds, they should flower in four to five years. It will be interesting to see if they come true to seed.

I have several hanging basket fuchsias, but this one (a cutting from Dad's collection) I have been training as a standard for several years

and as you can see it is starting to break bud.
There is a wonderful collection of this hardy fuchsia at Edingburgh zoo.

Whitefly and other aphids are a constant greenhouse problem. Rubbing them out, where numbers are few, or insecticidal soap spray will help control infestations.

Another success story. our Meyer lemon is a spider mite magnet and for a couple of years has not set fruit. This winter I have followed a strict spraying regime

and voila, a crop of lemons for the fall.

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