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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

An update on tree damage

I pruned the various damaged branches and limbs from the two willows, and took cuttings from the newest growth.

The silver leaf cuttings above and the gold leaf cuttings below, are planted in the wetlands where there is a constant supply of water

The willow is one of the easiest plants to strike from cuttings. One can also make willow water which is used to encourage plants other than willows to strike from cuttings.
This is due to the high concentration of Indolebutyric acid, a hormone that stimulates root growth found in the growing tips of willows, and Salicylic acid, a hormone which is similar to, and acts like an aspirin in signalling a plants defenses.
Simply cut young present years growth from any willow tree, remove leaves and cut into one inch lengths. Place in a waterproof container and add cold water, leave for several days or weeks. The more twigs, the stronger the brew. When finished strain off the liquid.
To use, just pour some willow water into a small container and immerse your cuttings overnight to soak up some of the willow water, then plant accordingly.

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