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Thursday, April 9, 2020

You're in for a surprise.

  With the forecast of rain for today (Thursday) I decided to prep the vegetable garden. Our 4ft wide tiller is the perfect width for each individual bed. one can reach the center of the tilled area without standing on and compressing the soil.

With an outdoor wood fired oven, two wood stoves and a fire pit, we have copious amounts of wood ash which must be stored dry to prevent nutrients, particularly potassium from leaching. 

From the various wood burners I store the hot ash in a metal trash can until completely cold and then from there into bags ready for Spring spreading on the newly tilled ground, 

along with Milorganite and the liquid mentioned in the title,

Just dragging a hoe through the freshly tilled soil is all it needs to create a three to four inch deep trench into which I lay a weeping hose.

I then pull the soil from either side to cover the hoses, thus creating a raised row. I find a raised row warms up quicker than a raised bed.

 I gave up using timers with the watering system as this made me less attentive and therefore more likely to miss any developing problems.

Here are some garden fruits that will thank you for the addition of wood ash to their diet. Wood ash and urine is almost the perfect fertilizer for tomatoes.

Raspberries, Blackberries and Gooseberries.

If your soil is acidic, wood ash can also be applied around the drip line of fruit trees, including the one pictured below. Any ideas as to which one?

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