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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Multi-Coloured Greenhouse

With the mild daytime temperatures we are currently enjoying here in southern CT, it is tempting to consider garden planting. Here at Stonewell Farm our seed potatoes are in their trench and lightly covered,

 as are the peas

but while there are still frosts forecast this coming weekend. The real activity is in the greenhouse.
 One of our Clivia is in full bloom.

 The purple Petunia is the only one that I know of that is fragrant.

Our Lavandula Stoechas is full of buds.

Three Clematis that I rescued from one of the big box stores for a couple of dollars last fall and nursed back to health over the winter are going gangbusters.

Our second established Meyer lemon has mature fruit. immature fruit (green top left) and white buds which will soon open and fill the greenhouse with their intoxicating scent. 

We also have several seven yr old cuttings that are growing buds for the first time this year.

Our little fig tree is already producing young figs.

 and our hanging baskets are ready for the outdoors.

Because of the mild, almost snow free winter, we've had little to complain about. don't worry, in a few weeks we'll have grubs, bugs, drought, heatwaves and those dreaded weeds to occupy our idle hands.  

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