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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Perfect Day

Here in Killingworth, today is ideal for transplanting. The plants are dormant, the weather is mild and humid, and the sandy soil here at Stonewell Farm is workable.

Last week I transplanted this wonderfully fragrant Meyer Lilac to this open sunny site

as its previous site by the wall was becoming increasingly shady.

This last summer, I also noticed less of these beautiful, fragrant flowers on our Mme. Hardy rose

which is planted to the west of two shrubs, a spirea and a hydrangea, neither of which are getting any smaller.

In the last two years, our clump of three tree peonies have gone from this

to this, due to our ever expanding magnolia shown encroaching from the right.

What may look like the perfect site, in ten years could be totally inappropriate due to the growth of the plant itself, or those around it.
Live as if you'll die tomorrow. Garden as if you'll live forever.

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