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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Grey matter V Grey squatter

Through trial and error, with the addition of a trash can lid, I eventually made our hanging bird feeder squirrel proof.

But I noticed that some birds lacked the agility to feed directly and  instead searched the ground below for dropped seeds and grains,

This winter I erected a post bird feeder which became an instant squirrel magnet, and they took up permanent residence. My first line of defense was an upturned plant pot.

They chewed one of the pot's drainage holes to gain access to the feeder, so I filled the pot with chicken wire.

Now they are attempting to chew the whole pot.

The squirrels do have access to the duck feeder, so I am determined to keep them out of the wild bird feeders.

Dr Doolittle I am not, but did I just hear "Please Sir, can I have some more"

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