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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Spring Walling Workshop

Last Weekend we had eight participants at our Spring workshop.

I usually spend the first hour discussing safety and how to use various hammers, chisels etc.

Then we set the A frames and lines.

 The build was a continuation of the section built at the Fall 2018 workshop.

With the added difficulty of a cheekend. 

On Sunday they had the confidence to tackle a right angled corner.

 Carefully chosen face stones require little or no hearting. What hearting is required is tightly packed.

Vertical, or as seen here, horizontal capstones complete a wall and give it a finished look.

 A section of wall that a professional would be proud of, let alone complete stone novices. Well done Lady and Gents.

It is worth repeating that while this stone is angular, it is not regular like bricks and careful choice of each stone is needed to keep the joints tight. Once learned, one can build with almost any stone.

Our next workshop is on the 28th and 29th of Sept 2019
contact Andrew Pighills 860-575-0526

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