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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Eggciting Times at Stonewell Farm

New arrivals galore today. First we had a pair of Orioles, the female alights on the perch provided

 and then drinks her fill.

The male shows off his acrobatic skills by hanging from the central support

 and drinking upside down.

 Our second arrivals were a pair of Canada geese. First time for geese on our pond. The little mallard arrived last week with a mate, this morning she was all alone, but the drake was back this afternoon.

The last arrival is a little chick that was hatched by Sooty the duck. Sooty decided to make her nest in the hen house and has been sitting for 30 days. Ducklings hatch after 35 days, chickens hatch after 21 days. A hen must have laid an egg in Sooty's nest 21 days ago. Fortunately we have a broody hen, so all is well at Stonewell Farm.

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