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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Last year the Gypsy moth caterpillar denuded trees of leaves.

Thereby starving the tree to death.

This year, tent caterpillars proliferate. I have cut them out of Cherries, Weigela, Willows, Mulberry, Apple, Redbud, Birch, Hydrangeas and Pear.

Cut out the infested branches ( the tent can prevent sprays and/or predators from reaching the caterpillars) and place on a vegetation free surface and burn. A gravel driveway is ideal.
I use a propane torch.

You will find the dead caterpillars will soon disappear.

After all, who doesn't like flame grilled caterpillar?

I also use the flame torch to kill weeds, not by burning them to a crisp (they will grow back from the root) but by wafting the flame over the weed just enough to wilt the leaves, which in turn will dehydrate and kill the whole plant. Especially in this current heat wave.

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