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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Planning for next year.

At this time of year and throughout the summer is a good time to take photographs of your gardens. comparing colour texture and form for possible future plant combinations.

One of our plant combinations, pastel colours for spring, will be supplanted by more vibrant colours to compete with the mid-summer sun.

Perhaps a combination of a pure pink rose

with a clear blue hydrangea.

A selection of Kniphofia  after the German physician Johann Hieronymus Kniphof (pronounced nip HOE fee uh, not ny or nee FOE fee ah) 

with a combination of Hemeracallis.

Lemon yellow 

with the blue and white Geranium Splish splash.

 Golden yellow

with a blue/purple salvia

 I'm always reluctant to prune the greenhouse overwintered Pelargoniums of their early spring blooms, but by doing so pays dividends as they grow into domes full of flowers, this one is 30 inches across.

One should never be content or satisfied with what is and always be thinking what if.

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