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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pizza Oven

The outdoor wood fired oven was completed thirty months ago, but I've never updated the original posts from 2013.

I left off back in 2013 with the oven insulated with ceramic fiber and percrete. I then framed out the undercounter cupboard with metal sheeting and proceeded to clad in stone.

Because of the sloping ground, steps were needed to access the patio

Even more steps were needed on this side of the oven

The difficult part of the build was cutting the arch stones of the oven entrance to continue the circle of the central turret

The countertops are poured concrete, polished with an orbital wet grinder.

The string course is a handsome divide between the horizontal stonework of the oven and the vertical stones of the dome.

A small herb garden was built into the adjoining wall for pizza toppings.

Having wrapped the dome in string lights, the snow storm created this stunning effect.

Our garden gnome resides in his well lit alcove.

Where there's a flat surface, there's an invitation for container plantings.

but of course the main reason for the oven is to cook pizza

and bake bread.

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