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Sunday, April 15, 2018

All things come to she who waits.

I took this photo on the twentieth of March as part of the "Easter eggs or ducklings post" at that time, Nora had been sitting on her eggs for three weeks. The incubation period for a Muscovy duck is around 35 days, making her hatch date sometime the first week in April. We usually give them an extra week as the outside temperature can sometimes delay hatching. Perhaps the eggs had become chilled and infertile during the March cold snap.We decided this weekend was the cut off date.
Yesterday When Nora was on the pond soaking her feathers (High humidity is very important during hatching) I went to check her eggs and this is what I found. Patience is a virtue.
This morning she was still sitting, so hopefully there will be more ducklings and more photos.
Just two more, but well worth the wait.

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