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Monday, December 31, 2018

Wild Flower Meadow/Lawn/Patch

Have you ever stopped to think how much effort and money you put into keeping your lawn a blue/green, fertilizer drunk, mono-culture?

and then you never get the chance to really enjoy your lawn, because you are constantly working to pay your lawn care professional to apply fertilizer, to grow the grass, so they may cut it down all year long.

not to mention the herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc which are applied all year long, which turn your lawn into a toxic green desert, to the point where even the deer will not eat it. 


 Nevertheless that does not stop us from allowing our children and grandchildren from running barefoot on it and rolling around in it.

Eventually all these toxic applications leach into the rivers, lakes and ocean where we go swimming and fishing.

I don't apply fertilizer or pesticides, and yes I do have all manner of plants growing in my grass. clovers and dandelions to feed the pollinators.

A multitude of birds to snatch the emerging early summer insects from the turf.

But I still mow throughout the summer.

This year, after several years of procrastination I have finally set about creating a wildflower meadow, or at least a wildflower patch. The leaves are to improve the soil structure, while not altering the fertility. The netting is to keep the leaves in place until the spring when I will till them in. I will return to this topic in the spring

Until then. Wishing you and yours A Happy New Year.

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