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Thursday, October 11, 2018

A New Parmelee Farm Wall

We are all set for this weekend's walling workshop. We will be building a low wall to compliment the latest addition to Parmelee Farm.
The Sugar Shack

The original workshop wall from the fall of 2009, built by a group of enthusiastic novices is still standing proud.

Now covered with lichen which gives an appearance of aged permanence.

 The Spring 2010 wall had a Lunkie which sadly was dismantled to make way for the underground electricity lines,

and a stile which is still present. Both walls, with a little expected settling are still like new.

Perhaps this Killingworth wall's longevity is due to the vertical capstones. 

More likely due to the instructors, four of the top ten Dry Stone experts in the country.
From L to R
 Chuck Eblacker
Dan Snow
Brian Fairfield
Andrew Pighills


  1. I think you need a mascot Gryn.

    And yes, the capstones are all important. :-)

  2. I think I need Gryn to test every wall.