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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Birds of a feather flock together,

Except Turkeys.
During this long cold winter, trying to get the turkeys into the hen house on these bitterly cold nights, has mostly been a futile endeavour.

With the approach of dusk, the chickens dutifully head for the coop as one flock.

With a little persuasive herding, any stragglers soon follow.

The ducks prefer to overnight on the pond.

 but even they, when the pond freezes over, head to the safety of indoors.

Young and old alike.

But the turkeys prefer to roost in the trees.

On the garden fence

And when one tries herding them, they scatter in all directions.

I assume this is a survival trait. That split second when the predator has to decide which one to chase, could be the difference between life and death.

Maybe turkeys have more sense than chickens.

Or ducks.

But it sure is warmer indoors.

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