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Sunday, January 28, 2018


If you're looking for an exuberant display of color this coming June, to complement and contrast with your perennial mainstay, now is the time to sow your poppy seeds. Some people like to sow them while there is still a covering of snow, thus allowing for an even spread, as the tiny dark colored seeds show up well against the white snow.

Shirley poppies, growing with blue geranium and pale pink roses.

The Shirley poppy, (papaver rhoeas) named after the town of Shirley, England, where the first strain was discovered in the early 1800's, will blend with most color schemes, even the purple allium does not look amiss. 

Even though the flowers are relatively short lived, the profusion of buds make for an extended flowering period.

Honey bees prefer the Shirley poppies over most any flower in the garden. One look at the pollen covered stamens, and one can see why.

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