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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pizza Oven.02

We're moving along with the wood-fired oven, aka; pizza oven. Below are some photos of its progress:

Pouring the refractory mortar base for the oven floor.

The base of the oven. The opening below will provide storage for firewood.

The refractory mortar is levelled prior to curing.

The firebrick oven floor.

The oven begins to take shape. The soldier course is laid and the arched opening established.

Wooden forms provide guides for the courses of firebrick.

This arch will eventually be clad with natural stone.

With the oven finished, the first layer of refractory mortar is applied to the exterior of the dome. The bricks you see at the perimeter are placed temporarily simply to hold the mortar in place while it cures.

After installing the clay chimney, the second layer of refractory mortar is applied.

...and the work progresses nicely.

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