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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AtHome Magazine Article Serving Fairfield County

A writer from AtHome, a Fairfield County, CT publication contacted me with a request to include me and my friend Dan Snow in a piece on the top 50 services in Fairfield County. We made it to #15. The original link is listed below:

Rock On

You might commission a stone wall to keep prying eyes off your property, but if famed stone artisans Andrew Pighills and Dan Snow are the geniuses behind it, you’ll have more oglers than before. The master craftsmen work individually and in collaboration for those who favor rustic elegance and graceful geometry over a chipped-to-perfection look. So how do you decide if a dry stone wall is right for you? While the initial cost can be as heavy as the rocks they use, Pighills maintains, “you get a lifetime from a stone wall...and 12 to 15 years from a wood fence.”, 
in the company of stone

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